President Dr Mwinyi Participates In Zanzibar International Marathon 2021 Whose Sponsors Included Designer Sheria Ngowi

The President of Zanzibar and the chairman of the Revolutionary Council, Dr. Hussein Mwinyi was the guest of honor and the main participant along with various Zanzibar government leaders and athletes from around the world were able to participate at Zanzibar International Marathon 2021 which took place today in Unguja,Zanzibar.

Sheria Ngowi Brand was one of the ponsoreds of the event.

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Tanzania: New Mobile Money Transfer Charges

A new so-called “patriotism levy” imposed on mobile money transfers in Tanzania has come into effect on July 15th amid criticism.

The tax, which was approved last month by the country’s parliament, will impose additional charges every time payments are sent or received via phones.

Tanzania’s telecommunication companies are running adverts in the local press displaying their new charges to transfer money through mobile phones.

Some firms indicate that the patriotism levy has caused transaction fees to double.

Tanzania’s finance ministry has defended the tax, saying the money raised will be used to fund development projects, such as providing running water in schools.

But the new fees have been widely criticised as unfairly targeting the East African nation’s poor citizens.

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Tanzania To Receive First 42 Korean Electric Trains By November

The Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) has said it will receive first 42 electric locomotives by November this year.
This will see the corporation officially start operating the Dar es Salaam-Morogoro section of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).
This was stated by the Minister for Works and Transport, Dr Leonard Chamuriho, after he witnessed the signing of the contract between Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC), and Hyundai Rotem on Wednesday in Dar es Salaam.

During the signing TRC was represented by its director general, Masanja Kadogosa, while Hyundai Rotem was represented by its senior manager, Mr Lee Se-Han.
“Earlier, we procured 42 electric locomotives from Germany and South Korea. Once they arrive in November, the testing of the SGR section from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro will commence,” he said.
Speaking at the event, Mr Kadogosa said it was encouraging that they the contractor has seen the need to train local engineers on how to operate the SGR.
“In every contract that we have signed so far, there is a component that compels the teaching of local experts on maintenance, signals and driving.
“This will enable our experts to be trained in different areas. We want more local engineers to be competent in all the aspects just like the way we have our own experts operating Air Tanzania,” he said.
Mr Kadogosa stressed that 200 engineers and 10 drivers will go Korea to learn how to operate electric trains. “The approach we are using is to allow locals experts to operate in the SGR instead of going for foreign engineers,” emphasized.
He said construction of the Dar es Salaam-Morogoro section of the SGR has reached 92.7 percent – and, currently, the contractor, Turkish firm, Yapi Merkezi, was completing the remaining 15 kilometres of the project.
Explaining, Mr Kadogosa said they decided to choose Hyundai Rotem to manufacture the electric locomotives because it is a big company that has been operating for many years.
In his remarks, Mr Lee Se-Han said his organization was happy to work with TRC to supply EMUs and electric locomotive for the SGR.
“We are confident that through close cooperation we will be able to manufacture the electric locomotives within the specified time 25 months,” he said.
The deal follows the Tanzanian government’s plan to modernize its railroads, investing 7.9 trillion ($6.9 billion) to replace its old railway system. Tanzania’s rails were narrower than standard gauges, and trains had to be driven at a slow speed of 30 to 40 kilometers per hour.
With new rails, electric locomotives and EMUs supplied by Hyundai Rotem will run at a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour.
Along with the ongoing construction of the Dar es Salaam-Morogoro section, work on the 426-kilometre long Morogoro-Makutupora section of the SGR is currently ongoing.
Like the Dar es Salaam-Morogoro section, the Morogoro-Makutupora section is also being built by the Turkish company Yapi Merkezi.

There are still three more phases left in Tanzania’s standard gauge railway project — modernizing the 673 kilometer railway between Makutupora, Tabora, Isaka and Mwanza — and Hyundai Rotem aims to actively participate in future bids to supply more electric trains.

Source: The Citizen

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BASATA Nullifies Miss Tanzania Committee’s Decision To Strip Rose Manfere of Crown, Orders She Should Represent the Country at Miss World

The National Arts Council (Basata) has ordered that Miss Tanzania Rose Manfere should represent the country at Miss World, therefore nullifying the decision to send the second runners-up for the contes. Basata has also ordered that Rose’s should be sent to the organizers of the world beauty pageant that will take place in Puerto Rico.

The statement was issued today on Tuesday July 15, 2021 by the Acting Executive Secretary of the Council, Matiko Mniko.

The move comes after Rose went to Basata’s offices earlier today seeking to know her fate following Miss Tanzania’s decision to strip her of the right to represent the country at Miss World contest. Yesterday the rumors started to spread on social media that Rose was not going to Miss world but also she was stripped of her crown as Miss Tanzania.

Miss Tanzania Organizing Committee yesterday announced that first runner-up, Julianna Rugumisa will instead represent the country at the World’s beauty pageant in December.

 In an interview with The Citizen’s sister newspaper Mwananchi Miss Tanzania organizers through their representative Azama Masango, said that there are mistakes that Rose made which are against the contract and therefore lacking qualifications to represent the country at Miss World but she will remain with her crown as Miss Tanzania until her term expires.

 “Rose is still a miss Tanzania she will remain with her crown, there are mistakes she made but the committee’s decision has seen that she should not be Tanzania’s representative at Miss World this year,”

“Juliana Rugumisa (first runner up), will go as Miss World Tanzania representative as the agreement says that in the event that the first winner fails to fulfill her responsibilities as per the contract then the second winner will be the representative, but she (Rose) is still Miss Tanzania, “he said.

Following many comments from different people asking why the runner up was selected and not the winner. Writing on her Instagram account Rose said she was not aware of the decision and explained that she was awaiting Basata’s guidance.

Source: The Citizen

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Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu off to Burundi Tomorrow for a 2-Day State Visit

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Tanzania Set To Receive 300k COVID Vaccine From COVAX

Tanzania is set to receive 300,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine from the COVAX program which aims to help poor countries. Minister of Health Dr. Dorothy Gwajima says they plan to begin vaccinating health workers and all those in the frontline on the war against coronavirus

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Queen Elizabeth II Wishes England Football Team Success Ahead of the #EURO2020 Final Today

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Breaking News: Tanzania Records 408 COVID Cases With 284 On Ventilators

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Tanzania Standard Gauge Rail Project To Use Hyundai Electric Trains

Hyundai Rotem, the manufacturing company that is part of South Korea-based Hyundai Group, has won a $296 million contract to supply 80 electric multiple units (EMUs) and 17 electric locomotives to Tanzania.

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Hyundai Rotem train tanzania electric
Hyundai has clinched a contract to supply Tanzania’s first electric trains. Photo credit: Courtesy | Hyundai Rotem

What you need to know:

  • The vehicles will be Tanzania’s first electric trains. 

Hyundai Rotem, the manufacturing company that is part of South Korea-based Hyundai Group, has won a $296 million contract to supply 80 electric multiple units (EMUs) and 17 electric locomotives to Tanzania.

According to reports by South Korean news agencies, the trains will be supplied to the Tanzania Railway Corporation.

The vehicles will be Tanzania’s first electric trains, the company said, and will be supplied within three years.

Hyundai Rotem’s electric vehicles will be used on the 546-kilometre-railway running from Dar es Salaam to Makutupora in the Dodoma region, which was recently reconstructed during the first two phases of the Tanzania standard gauge railway project.

The deal with Hyundai follows Tanzania’s plan to modernise its railroads after injecting $6.9 billion into upgrading its old rail system.

Tanzania’s railways were narrower than standard gauges, and trains had to be driven at slow speeds of between 30 to 40 kilometres per hour.

However, the new rails mean that electric locomotives and EMUs supplied by Hyundai Rotem can run at maximum speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour. 

More phases

There are still three more phases left in Tanzania’s SGR project, including modernising the 673-kilometre railway between Makutupora, Tabora, Isaka and Mwanza. To this end, Hyundai Rotem says it will actively bids to supply more trains.

“As our products will be Tanzania’s first electric trains, we will do our best to successfully carry out the contract,” said a spokesperson for Hyundai Rotem. “We will try to obtain additional contracts by supplying high-quality vehicles.”

Source: The Nation

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Haitian President Jovenel Moïse Assassinated

President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated after a group of unidentified people attacked his private residence, the country’s interim prime minister said in a statement Wednesday.

First Lady Martine Moïse is hospitalized following the attack late Tuesday, interim Premier Claude Joseph said.

Joseph condemned what he called a “hateful, inhumane and barbaric act,” adding that Haiti’s National Police and other authorities had the situation in the Caribbean country under control.

The nation of more than 11 million people had grown increasingly unstable and disgruntled under Moïse’s rule. Its economic, political and social woes have deepened, with gang violence spiking heavily in the capital of Port-au-Prince, inflation spiraling and food and fuel becoming scarcer at times in a country where 60% of the population makes less than $2 a day. These troubles come as Haiti still tries to recover from the devastating 2010 earthquake and Hurricane Matthew that struck in 2016.

Moïse, 53, had been ruling by decree for more than two years after the country failed to hold elections, which led to Parliament being dissolved. Opposition leaders have accused him of seeking to increase his power, including approving a decree that limited the powers of a court that audits government contracts and another that created an intelligence agency that answers only to the president.

In recent months, opposition leaders demanded the he step down, arguing that his term legally ended in February 2021. Moïse and supporters maintained that his term began when he took office in early 2017, following a chaotic election that forced the appointment of a provisional president to serve during a year-long gap.

Haiti was scheduled to hold general elections later this year.

Source: AP