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Tanzania: Opposition Chadema Member who Went Missing Found Dead

Mwanza. Police in Mwanza are investigating circumstances that led to the death of a member of the opposition Chadema, Erasto Makaranga.

Erasto Makaranga, who was the opposition party’s publicity secretary for Buswelu ward, went missing on November 17, 2021.

His colleagues in the party, friends and family members went on searching for his whereabouts for four days until on Saturday, November 20, 2021 when they came to discover that he had passed on and that his remains were being kept at a mortuary at the Sekou Toure Regional Referral Hospital.

The Mwanza Regional Police Commander, Mr Ramadhani Ng’anzi, told The Citizen on Monday that detectives had already been deployed at Buswelu in an effort to find out what actually happened.

Some more detectives, he said, had been deployed to Sekou Toure Hospital for a thorough autopsy.

“Our officers are still at the scene collecting evidence for further investigations. I urge the public to remain calm as we investigate the cause of the death and the findings will be revealed to the public,” he said.Advertisement

Earlier, the family spokesperson, Benjamin Makaranga said the family had planned to lay the body of Erasto Makaranga to rest on Monday, 22 November 2021.

However, an attempt to collect the body for burial hit the snag after police officers arrived at Sekou Toure to conduct an autopsy.

“We arrived this morning at the region’s referral hospital but we have been stopped by officers who say they want to conduct a post-mortem before allowing us to take it for burial,” said Mr Benjamin, who is the elder brother of the deceased.

According to the deceased’s sister, Macrina Makaranga, as soon as they had discovered that one of them was missing, they reported to a police post at Nyakato.

With several days passing without receiving any help from the law enforcers, the family decided to start searching in hospitals whereby they went to Bugando Referral Hospital before going to Sekou Toure where they found his body.

“His body looked to have been injured in some parts including in the head and his left hand,” Ms Macrina said.


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Tanzania: Main Opposition Chadema Urges US Envoy to Intervene Following Party Chairman (Freeman Mbowe) Arrest and Subsequent Terror Charges

English News

Tanzania: Main Opposition Chadema’s Chairman Freeman Mbowe Held On Terrorism, Assassination Consipracies

The saga involving the Chadema national chairman, Mr Freeman Mbowe, took a new turnyesterday when the police said it was holding the opposition leader for questioning over allegations of terrorism and a plot to kill government leaders.

The police said in its statement yesterday that Mr Mbowe was being held in connection with the allegations that were also made against six other people who have already been arraigned in court in court.

The statement, signed by the police spokesperson, Mr David Misime, said the law enforcers had been compelled to issue a statement on why they were holding Mr Mbowe after realising that his party was releasing misleading statements regarding the reasons behind the arrest of the party’s national chairman.

Chadema had said that Mr Mbowe was being held for interrogations for organising a forum in Mwanza that was meant to deliberate on demands for anew constitution. Police had however aborted the forum that was to be held at a hotel in Mwanza.

Police said yesterday that Mr Mbowe was aware that he was being investigated even before he left Hai in Kilimanjaro for Mwanza where he was later arrested.

In the meanwhile, the management of a tourist hotel that was to host the aborted forum said yesterday that it was counting losses, emanating from the decision by police to temporarily turn the place into a crime zone on Tuesday

On Tuesday, police with guns and tear gas closed entrance and exitto and from the Tourist Hotel inthe Kitangiri area where the Katiba Mpya (new consdtitution) forumorganiszed by Chadema was to take place.

To render the area impenetrable, the entrance to the hotel was also ‘ring-fenced’ with a caution tape (scene barrier) to prevent people from gaining access while the road from Kona ya Bwiru to Kitangiri where hotel is situated was also closed by police vehicles.

The hotel’s manager, Mr Simon Lemamba, told The Citizen yesterday that they had registered a loss amounting to in the region of Sh1.8 million because customers were unable to access the facility for drinks, food and other services on that eventful day.

Chadema only managed to makean advance payment of Sh100,000 out of the agreed Sh600,000 for conferencing at the hotel.

“As we are talking, my employer is asking me if I have received the remaining Sh500,000, but unfortunately, my calls are not being replied to,” said Mr Lemamba.

He said when he met with the national chairman for Chadema’s youth wing (Bavicha), Mr John Pambalu, the agreement was that it would be a mere internal meeting which would be attended by 200 participants.

“Unfortunately, when the day of the meeting arrived (Wednesday), I received a call from a person who identified himself as a government official, informing me that the hotel was surrounded by police because it was hosting a political rally,” said Mr Lemamba.

It has however taken time before the police finally made it open that they were holding Mr Mbowe and 15 party other members, claiming that they were being interrogated over several offences.

Mwanza Regional Police CommanderRamadhani Ngh’anzi said Mr Mbowe and his accomplices were arrested at dawn July 21. The opposition leader was arrested at the Kingdom Hotel located at Ghana street in Mwanza Region.

Commander Ngh’anzi said Mr Mbowe and his associates were being held on allegations of conspiracy to commit crimes and disturbing peace by organiszing a ‘New Constitution’ conference without seeking permission from the law enforcers.

“The Mwanza Regional Commissioner (Robert Gabriel) announced a ban on unnecessary gatherings due to the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“However, Chadema leaders organised the so-called conference to demand a new constitution by mobilising and holding rallies at the Tourist Hotel at Kona ya Bwiru,” said Commander Ngh’anzi.

He said the decided to arrest the leaders after they defied the legitimate order of authorities in Mwanza.

He said the arrest of Mr Mbowe followed intelligence information that he was about to engage himself in a plot to commit crimes and breach of the peace.

“After his arrest, our Dar es Salaam colleagues told us that they were also looking for him for other offences that he is alleged to have committed there,” said Mr Ngh’anzi, noting that this was why how the opposition leader had to be sent to Dar es Salaam.

He said after completion of interrogations with the police in Dar es Salaam, Mr Mbowe would be returned to Mwanza to answer the charges that the police will determine after completing the exercise.

Source: The Citizen